iTrade Global, spletna trgovina, d.o.o.

Pod Grintovcem 7A, 1370 Logatec, Slovenia

Registration number: 8430829000

Tax number: SI68929714


About the company:

Limited liability company iTrade Global d.o.o. is an online provider of spare parts, musical instrument accessories and musical equipment.


  1.  General terms and conditions
    1. General conditions of business (hereinafter referred to as “general terms and conditions”) of iTrade Global d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) are an integral part of all contracts between the Company and the buyers of products (hereinafter also: customers)
    2. The provisions of the General Conditions apply also to all offers, (pro forma) invoices, pre-contracts, legal statements and other services arising from the operations between the Company and the client.
    3. The subject General Terms and Conditions are compiled in accordance with the EU Consumer Directive (Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, amending Council Directive 93/13/EEC and Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Council Directive 85/577/EEC and Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council Text with EEA relevance)
    4. The General Terms and Conditions govern the operation of the Company’s online store, the rights and obligations of the online store user and client and govern the relationship between the Company and the client.
    5. Use of terms:
    6. The client is a natural or legal person who is in a legal relationship with the Company, regardless of its legal or status form.
    7. The consumer is any party who is a natural person and acquires or uses the goods of the Company for personal purposes or for purposes outside his professional activity.
    8. An offer is a general term for an offer in a variety of forms, pro forma invoices or other forms of proposal for the conclusion of a contract that the Company communicates with the client.
    9. An order is a document or notice in a written, electronic or other kind of form by which a customer communicates its demand and / or will for the conclusion of the contract, including a pro forma invoice.
    10. The contract is a written agreement between the Company and the client. An offer or a pro forma invoice, which the Company sends to the client and is accepted or confirmed by the customer, is also considered to be a contract. The subject General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of each contract.
    11. The subject of the contract refers to:
      1. goods, which are all products from the sales catalogue of the Company.
        • The transmission theory shall apply to informing the customer of the delivery, conclusion, withdrawal or modification of the contract and any other information. This means that the date of the party’s notification is the date on which the Company sends the notice by means of a communication medium.
        • All information to customers relating to the delivery of the subject of the contract, conclusion or withdrawal from the contract and other information is provided by the Company via e-mail to the address provided by the client. The Company also informs via ordinary mail, telephone or another way agreed with the client.
      2. The company undertakes to provide the following information at any time on its website:
        • Information about the company’s identity
        • Contact details
        • Information on the basic characteristics of products (including information on post-purchase services and warranties)
        • Information on product availability
        • Delivery terms (method, location and date of delivery)
        • Unambiguously stated prices, including information on additional fiscal and transport costs
        • Payment and delivery methods
        • Period of validity of the tender
        • Conditions and time frames for withdrawal from the contract
        • Familiarization on the liability for the defect of goods
        • Information on the appeal procedure



iTrade Global d.o.o.

Pod Grintovcem 7a; 1370 Logatec

Registration number: 8430829000

I am informing you that I withdraw from the contract, concluded in distance, regarding the purchase of goods (mark the correct letter or fill out the lines):

  1. specification of goods:______________________________________
  2. stated in the document attached (order, invoice, letter of acceptance)

Based on order placed on___________, in the amount of____________; I have received the goods on the ______________.

Full name of the consumer:


Address of the consumer:_______________________________________

Telephone number, e-mail address (not necessary)


The purchase amount of______________EUR, that I have paid on the ___________, may be refunded on my bank account number: _______________________________, with bank_______________________.

In___________________, date_______________

Consumers signature (only if the statement is filed out in physical form)