PorterTron Humbuckers

The Porter-Tron humbuckers feature a custom cover and dual rows of adjustable polepieces. They give you great tonal flexibility and an increased range of magnetism transfer on the strings. They are a full-sized humbucker, with Porter’s Classic wind under the hood and custom laser cut tops. NOTE: These are full sized humbuckers and will only fit in regular humbucker routed guitars!

Style Suggestions:  Rock, Indie, Worship Music, Ambient.

Buy these if…

  • You want a broader tone from your humbucker guitar
  • You like the tron look, but only have a regular humbucker guitar.
  • You need a more open and airy humbucker tone
  • You have a darker guitar you need to clean up
Spec info:  AlNiCo 5 bar magnets, classic wind coils with dual rows of adjustable poles.


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