Porter P90 Pickups


The Classic P90 is Porter’s best “All around” P90 pickup. With the dual AlNiCo 5 bar magnets, It covers everything from clean and mean to that gritty “Push your amp” feel. They use a winding pattern with these P90s to help bring out the tight notes and big sound. Standard output winding results in 7k range for the neck and 8k range for the bridge. Braided hookup wire and wax potted to prevent excess microphonic feedback.

Currently only available in the Classic configuration.


Style Suggestions: Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Indie.

Buy these if…

  • You need a great all around p90 tone
  • You want to push your amp and pedals to the edge of breakup
  • you need your lead tones/riffs to cut through in the band or studio

Try these in: Any p-90 soap bar routed guitars from solid to semi hollow.


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