Porter P-Bass Pickups

The P-Bass Pickups are Porter’s first entry into the world of bass pickups. They took some of the most popular aspects of their 1950’s Single Coils and put them into a P-Bass Pickup Set. This set features AlNiCo 5 magnets and black covers. The 1950’s style wind results in a nice fat and punchy sound you expect from a high end bass pickup, with plenty of clarity and classic tones.


Style Suggestions: Rock, Indie Music, Worship, Funk, R&B.


Buy these if…

  • You Need a bigger/punchier tone from your P-Bass®
  • You need better note articulation without being too harsh


Spec info: 42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire. Typical resistance range around 8k. AlNiCo 5 rod magnets. Softer response, less power than the modern.


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