Porter Overdrive Humbuckers

The Porter Overdrive humbuckers themselves don’t actually overdrive, but if you’re looking for a great sound when using distortion, these are the ones you want. Typically it works best as a bridge pickup. They have a high output with great mids, highs and attack. They feature am AlNiCo 8 magnet, which is aggressive in pull and charge.

Style Suggestions: The Porter Overdrive Humbuckers are great for High Gain application and modern rock from metal to alternative. They are specifically for the players who don’t really use the clean channel much. They are more aggressive than Porter’s other type of models, and are best suited for a bridge pickup. A neck pickup would work if you like to use that pickup for distortion as well. The overdrives are made specifically for those who like a lot of distortion in their amps, pedals and signal.

Buy these if…

  • You need a more aggressive tone.
  • You like vintage flavored pickups, but need more power
  • You want to have your amp/pedals break quicker
Spec info:  A8 magnets, bridge winds are 10K plus, neck winds are usually mid 7-8K range.
Try these in:  Any guitar that needs a bigger, more aggressive sound that’s not too harsh.


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