Porter H90 Pickups

The H90 pickup is available in the Smooth/Classic configuration and will fit in any standard humbucker routed guitar. Smooth configuration (bridge pickup) indicates AlNiCo 2 magnets, Classic (neck pickup) is AlNiCo 5 (Rods).

Style Suggestions:  These cover the snappy/bright single coil tones or give you a different flavor than the standard humbuckers will. The H90 Standard will be stronger than the alnico rod version. The “Smooth” configuration will be more low end focused.

Buy these if…

  • You want a single coil/p90 tone from your humbucker routed guitar
  • You need more chime and less power
Spec info: The H90’s are a low wind pickup due to the size restrictions of the bobbin. Neck are high 5k range and bridges usually sit just over 6k.
Try these in:  Anything you need to clean up or want to change your sound in. Great as a neck combined with a humbucker or as a set of two.


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