Porter Custom Tele Set

The Porter Custom Tele® set features AlNiCo 5 magnets on both the neck and bridge. The bridge features a custom staggered pole design, with raised D and G poles and a copper baseplate. The Customs have a great punchy attack and excellent dynamics when playing chords, rock or blues. These pickups really respond well to volume knob changes, or to amps and pedals when you want the guitar to push them over the top. The bridge pickup is designed to push the amp and cut through the mix just right while still sounding full. The neck pickup still retains the warm and full sound that Porter’s are known for, with just a little more aggressiveness than their Standard and Vintage models.

Style Suggestions:  Blues, Rock, Indie, Worship Music, Ambient

Buy these if…

  • You like a tele®, just not so much twang
  • You want to play a lot of different styles on your tele®
  • You need a stronger signal
Spec info:  42 AWG Poly wire. Copper baseplate, raw nickel neck cover and black string bridge are standard. Neck range is 7k, bridge is mid 6K stock AlNiCo 5 magnets. RWRP for middle position hum canceling.


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